A selection of projects prior to establishing Track Record Productions.

BBC TWO - Sketchland

I produced this BBC Comedy sketch show for BBC Scotland. It featured brand new writing talent from around the UK and featured a great cast of very funny individuals. We went for a mix of stark black and white studio sets, shifting to more natural and traditional set-ups for the location sketches. The show was directed by Jim Owen

BBC Get Inspired: Andy Murray LIVE

The first of two broadcasts I produced with Andy Murray. This RTS award winning show, was a 60 minute live outside broadcast from Wallace High School, Stirling. It was presented by the amazing Sue Barker and offered up a very different side to Andy, as he eased into answering questions from a young audience and really let his personality shine through.


The second broadcast, which was distributed across BBC social media, saw Andy grilled by two 11 year old girls who asked him the usual journalistic fare- what he would save in a house fire, what the naughtiest thing he ever did was, and what his mum thought about his swearing on court.   

BBC - China Stories

A cross-platform project built around a 4- part documentary series I developed and produced, which explored the changing face of China in the run up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The series focused on a number of very different people to tell broader stories- a blogger to look at censorship, a young boy to explore the idea of the single child policy, and Dr. Hao who talked about medicine, healthcare and tradition. As well as the films, we produced extensive vlogs and production notes (not that common in 2008). We were shortlisted for a Bafta Scotland award for the project.     

BBC - The Designed World

A 60 minute documentary for BBC Two which examined a range of international design projects spanning engineering, product design, and projects with social and environmental impact. We shot in South Africa, the Netherlands, Panama, Sweden, and the UK. I series produced the individual films which made up the 1 hour doc, and directed 4 of the films on sustainable housing development in Malmö, a school for children with sensory impairments, solutions for water collection in rural South Africa, and re-purposing video games for military training.     

Ask Lara

Emmy nominee Ask Lara was a 26 x 11 minutes animated sitcom for 'tweens' about the physical and emotional changes young people go through. It was a co-production between Red Kite Animation, Tomavistas S.L., Televisio de Catalunya, and Submarine BV, and the pre-sales broadcasters were BBC, TV Catalunya, and VPRO Holland. Over the two year production period I was producer for the BBC, and developed and produced the online content to support the series.

Shadow - short film

This was a super short film funded by BBC Scotland, as part of an internal development scheme for those who had not previously produced drama projects. We shot the film in a day and the budget was £1000.00 which paid for the actors, food, some equipment, and not much else. However we were ambitious, and I think it shows. Ain't It Cool News liked it a lot which was brilliant.   


It was directed by Marcus Harben, written by Martin Conaghan, edited by Simon Hamilton and shot by Keith Ingram. Music was by the always excellent Beerjacket.

BBC TWO - What's Funny about the Indyref?

Initially a series of web shorts from first time writers, this referendum themed collection was shown as a half hour on BBC Two due to the strength of the writing, and quality of the overall show. I produced the programme and the talented Jim Owen directed. It was a co-production between BBC Online, Knowledge & Learning, and BBC Comedy. This show led to me being asked to develop and produce the comedy pilot Sketchland.   

BBC - Enlighten Up!

With this show, I managed to get Robert Florence and Ian Connell on BBC One at 6pm doing weird sketches about Philosophical theories. Brains in jars, terrible haircuts, rubbish superheros, sausages and pies, this has it all. I commissioned and Exec Produced this show which the fine people at Hopscotch Films produced.   

BBC Bitesize Music

A series of 33 short performance films from a range of UK- based artists. Produced for learners aged 14 - 16 years specifically to support them in their National 4 and 5 Music qualification by demonstrating essential musical concepts. I worked with Polyphonic Films supporting them from commissioning through to final delivery.  

BBC Build It Scotland

This was a technically and editorially complex, year long project which aimed to increase skills and awareness in STEM with young people during Scotland's Year of Innovation Architecture and Design. Thousands of young people across Scotland engaged with the project to reproduce iconic landmarks using digital design software like Minecraft, Tinkercad and SketchUp, ahead of 3D printing their work. We aligned the project with the Festival of Architecture 2016, worked with creative partners like SLIC and Immersive Minds and collaborated with industry professionals across architecture, games design, engineering and public art, to allow young people to see where their interests could one day lead. 

BBC School Radio / CBeebies Radio

BBC School Radio broadcasts drama, documentaries and presenter led shows and I was responsible for guiding both BBC and independent teams who produce around 12 hours of programmes a year. I was able to commission writers like Alan Bissett to produce new works for us, and led brilliantly creative teams to make programmes about music (DJ Shadow for 11-year-olds), wildcats and dream jobs (Vice-President at Capitol Records anyone?).

We also delivered series like Nina and the Neurons to CBeebies Radio.      

Beerjacket - album promo

Not a BBC project at all but a little personal project I couldn't fit anywhere else. I was privileged to observe the recording of Beerjacket's album Darling Darkness, and I shot, directed and edited a couple of wee promos ahead of it's release. I used my Canon 550D and a RØDE VideoMic to follow Peter (Beerjacket) and Stuart (Producer) around and filmed pretty much everything they got up to.  

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Some links to other things I have been involved in, either as Producer, Senior Producer, or Exec. 

TALKING MUSIC - 4- part series going behind the scenes with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and their collaborators

AUTHORS LIVE - ongoing series of live author focused webcasts in collaboration with Scottish Book Trust

FOOD STUFF - documentary and animation on seasonality, exports, culture and other areas of the Scottish food industry 

1911 REVIEW OF THE YEAR - documentary with dramatic reconstructed first-hand accounts, looking back at events of 1911

VICTORIAN VILLAINS - docu-drama using trial testimony and census records to tell the story of Victorian child criminals 

LITTLE STARGAZING - spin-off programme for 4- 6 year olds explaining some of the wonders of the universe

POLAND STORIES & WEE POLAND - films about Polish communities in both Poland and Scotland 

LIFE ON PLANET ANT - Planet Ant (BBC FOUR) spin-off presented by Adam Hart

AFTER LIFE: ROT BOX DETECTIVES - spin-off of After Life (BBC FOUR) detailing rot and decay, presented by Dr George McGavin

BLETHERING SCOTS - a light-hearted look at Scots language